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Cuba is one of the best new and exciting destinations for game bird hunting. An outdoorsman’s paradise, the hunting reserves located around the island allow you to explore rice fields, swamps, dams, river mouths, and lagoons which are home to a variety of duck, dove, and quail. Your local guide will introduce you to local hunters who will share their insights on fowl hunting in the reserves Sport hunting in Cuba is intended to meet the need for management of the over-population of these species, especially in the major rice agricultural areas and lagoon systems in coastal regions. Controlled hunting programs and seasonal hunting permits are issued to clean up in these areas of high abundance.

Popular Hunting Locations


The colonial town of Morón was founded in 1543 and grew exponentially in 1915 with the introduction of the Trocha rail line, the first in Cuba. Wetlands can be found in the northern Ciego de Ávila province.

Species Found In Cuba

Blue-Winged Teal Duck

They fly fast in large flocks, and are about 16 inches long with a 23 inch wingspan. They take flight from inland marshes, ponds, lakes, and shallow streams with dense vegetation and feed mostly on seeds and plant life, scouring the edges in shallow water.

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