About COI

Making travel Easy and Safe While exploring the Outdoors of Cuba


Cuba Outdoors Inc. is our passion because the people involved in this company are family and what we do in Cuba is much more than “just” bring Americans to Cuba to educate them on a different culture. We are bringing freedom to the people of Cuba by showing them that the American people are there to help and learn about their everyday life, something that we rarely get to see or even appreciate. The outdoor life in Cuba is a lifestyle, not a pass time or something that they only enjoy on a weekend getaway. It’s something they do to survive, and they do it with pleasure in their hearts. We find it satisfying to know that Cuba Outdoors Inc. is able to supply that need, want, and desire for many Americans that crave the experience of Outdoor Life in Cuba. We are making Cuba Travel Safe and Easy for the American Adventurer.

Our Story

Cuba Outdoors Inc started in May of 2014 after our founder took a trip to Cuba with his Uncle and a Cuban friend from work. His friend was from a small town in Cuba called Florida, located in the Camaguey Region, about seven hours east of Havana by car. They traveled to so many places in the ten days they were there and met some of the most amazing people. From playing baseball with sticks and stones to building homes covered by thatch roofs that don’t have a speck of dust on the floor. He was astonished by the respect the families have for each other and the love that resides in the culture. After returning he said,

“My family once had that love, and being there in the Cuban culture brought me joy to know that it still existed. The future of this company is to bring Americans to Cuba so they too can experience the outdoors of Cuba like we did. No hustle and bustle, just straight up raw culture that some may experience, but many will never know.”

Come and join us while we explore Cuba like no other.

Our Founder

My Name is David Walker Simpson JR. I founded this company in May of 2014 (at the age of 32) with a very good friend of mine that is from Cuba. We worked diligently for two and a half years getting the business built into a travel agency. I have since restructured the agency to operate under the people to people educational category under O.F.A.C. regulations. I have a background in business and have operated several different companies from Fitness to Real Estate and now Travel. I served in the Marine Corps with two combat tours in Iraq and upon returning became a Fire Fighter/Paramedic working for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue since 2007. I currently hold certifications in Dive Rescue, Private Pilot Instrument Rating, Hazardous Materials Technician, CDL Operator, and Tactical Rescue.

As a natural born Floridian and raised in West Palm Beach, FL hunting, fishing, diving, and outdoor adventures was a lifestyle growing up. Having a humble family that didn’t live a lavish lifestyle, we lived off of the harvest of our deeds. Hunting for the meat we ate, fishing to provide a nutritious meal, and farming were just a few of the surroundings of my childhood. Going to Cuba for the first time left me forever changed in bringing me back to my childhood memories and asking myself, how can I bring this amazing experience to those that may never experience it otherwise.

Along with many more trips to Cuba and experiencing the true outdoor life that Cuba has to offer, a team of entrepreneurs and myself have put together an amazing system that allows anyone to travel to Cuba to experience the same. From the everyday blue collar worker to business executives and owners alike, the packages we offer start at $1295 for a weekend getaway to a luxurious private one on one with the locals. CubaOutdoors, Inc. has become the new way of Cuba travel.

Experience Cuba Like Never Before